Warning Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs a Repair

Refrigerators are one of the best technological advancements in today\’s world. We don\’t need to do fresh groceries or cook food daily. In our hectic routines, refrigerators come to the rescue. It makes it easier for us to cook food and do groceries over the weekend, and the refrigerator keeps them fresh for the whole week. The true nightmare starts when the refrigerator goes broke. You can avoid the complete collapse of your fridge by looking for warning signs. Fridge repair in Dubai is easily accessible for you to keep your refrigerator in optimal condition. Some symptoms that warn you that your refrigerator is malfunctioning are:

Not cooling properly

When you open the fridge, you feel a gush of chilly air coming out. If you feel the coldness is less than usual, it may indicate an issue. The defrosting food in the freezer or softened butter can also tell you that the cooling is inadequate. You should take these as warning symptoms and call a technician for fridge and freezer repair in Dubai. Ignoring these signs can create a bigger problem for you in the future, so it is better to get it checked as soon as possible.

Food spoiling quickly

Not all problems appear quickly as soon as you open the fridge door. Some issues are underlying and become visible slowly. Sometimes, we forget a food item placed at the back of the fridge, which gets spoiled after a certain time. Getting spoiled after the expiry date is expected. If you notice bad food often, it may be an indication of some problem. You should check its expiry date whenever you get any food item spoiled. If the staled food is not past the expiry date, it is because of an issue in your fridge.


If you open the refrigerator door and find liquid drops on the rubber, the rubber seal is not sealed correctly. Cold air leaking out can be due to cracks in the seal. The broken seal can compromise the efficiency of your fridge. It may seem easy for you to change the rubber seal, but it is better to call a refrigerator serviceman. It needs proper expertise to correctly install the seal so that all the cold air is trapped inside.

Too much Ice

Your freezer is supposed to be freezing cold, but too much ice build-up is not normal. If you notice the extra ice build-up by the freezer\’s walls, the freezer is cooling too much. This additional cooling can be due to any malfunctioning in the motor. A professional repairman can come and sort out this issue for you. Before calling the technician, you must empty the freezer and defrost all the ice. Deforestation can be done by blowing hot air, putting in a bowl of boiling hot water, or simply keeping the freezer door open for some hours.

Leaking water

If you see water on the floor near your fridge, it is possible that your fridge is leaking. To find out the root cause, an expert is needed. You should not ignore this leaking problem as it can cause water damage to your appliance. In the worst case, someone can be electrocuted too if the water catches current. It is advisable to switch the fridge off and call the technician immediately.

Final Words

A refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your house, and you never want it to go bad. To avoid the problem, it is better to get routine maintenance at regular intervals. Fix On Click is the service that is available for you all over Dubai. Our expert professionals will reach out to you on your first call and make sure to check and repair your refrigerator efficiently.