How to check the fault in your refrigerator compressor?

If your refrigerator compressor goes bad, you may be able to repair it yourself if you have the experience and know-how. But why take a chance? When you have a refrigerator repairer within your reach.

It is ideal for taking the assistance of an expert and making appliances last for a long instead of ending up soon. Being the leading fridge and freezer repair company in Dubai, Fix On Click will let you know the leading causes of faults in the fridge compressor.

This blog will teach you how to properly check a refrigerator\’s compressor for leaks. We share some simple steps to help you check your compressor to detect the problem.

Main causes of a faulty refrigerator compressor

A faulty refrigerator compressor could result from a broken thermostatic control switch or a faulty solid motor starter relay. Defective compressors can also fail mechanical or electrical tests. The compressor could be faulty if these tests show a significantly lower reading. In that case, replacing your defective compressor is a wise decision.

To detect the exact location of the compressor, use a multimeter and set its function by switching to Rx1. This function refers to the resistance measured in ohms on a digital multimeter. Now, cycle the refrigerator on and off to reset it.

To check if the compressor has a faulty start relay switch, remove the panel on the side of the unit. If the switch changes position while the compressor runs, its replacement is necessary. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, unscrew the small plastic cap attached to the switch. You can now test the starter relay switch by listening to the clicking or strange noise. If the problem is still there, the ultimate way is to replace your compressor by contacting an expert technician.

The main components of the compressor are the motor and pump. With the increase in your fridge temperature, it is activated every time. Warm air escapes from the fridge while cooler air enters. It maintains the temperature inside the refrigerator and preserves the contents inside. The useful life of compressors may be limited like any other appliance, and they will eventually fail. A higher-quality compressor should usually last longer before problems appear.

Tips for checking for a faulty compressor

  • You can check your fridge compressor\’s fault by unplugging it to detect a strange noise. In case of no noise, the compressor is probably not operating well. If you cannot power the compressor, you should contact a qualified repair technician to replace the defective component of the compressor.
  • If you notice an unusual noise coming from your refrigerator\’s compressor, there\’s a chance only the relay has failed. You can also look at the controls on the side panel to check the compressor condition. If the compressor makes a noise when you are not using it, you may have a problem with the overload relay. The overload relay will automatically add starting safety to the circuit to prevent tripping.
  • The compressor may be tampered with or broken if you still find the sound. So, unplug the fridge and provide it with new wiring. You can use a digital multimeter to test your refrigerator\’s electrical circuit. However, it\’s important to note that power applied to the circuit may cause false readings.

The most likely reason your refrigerator makes a strange noise is the compressor cycling on and off. The compressor is essential to your refrigerator as it keeps the appliance cold. When the fridge is turned on, the interior space becomes cooler; when it\’s off, warmer air from outside begins to enter.

If you notice that your refrigerator\’s compressor turns on and off more frequently than usual, there are two potential causes:

(1) The fridge isn\’t being cooled enough or

(2) There\’s something blocking airflow and preventing cool air from circulating inside

Final Words

We hope this blog helped you in getting an idea of how you can repair or check faults in your fridge compressor. Remember that try to detect the fault only when you have knowledge and expertise. Otherwise, you may make the problem worst.

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