Common Problems You May Face With Your AC

Sweating in summer can be extremely frustrating. We all want to spend hot summer days in AC. This is the only luxury that makes the summer quite bearable. The nightmare starts when the AC stops working. We all panic as a broken AC is seriously not tolerable in the scorching summer heat. This is no problem anymore, as Fix On Click is always available for you. You can call urgent AC services in Dubai to come and repair your AC at your home.

Some Common Problems Which Can Occur in Your AC Are:

AC Not Working Properly

Suddenly, the AC stops working. You try to turn it on, and it is dead. There may be a number of reasons for your AC not turning on. AC remote battery might be over, a clogged air filter may be the culprit, or the circuit breaker may have tripped. The appliance goes into safe mode sometimes and won’t turn on its own. All of these issues can be solved by an expert technician. You should not try to experiment yourself as expertise is needed for these appliances, and your little mistake can create a more significant issue.

Blowing Warm Air

Nothing can be more annoying than an AC blowing warm air on a hot sunny afternoon. It can be possible due to wrong thermostat settings. You can check it through the remote and rectify it yourself. If that is not the cause, clogged air filters can be the reason for warm air too. The filters are required to clean regularly as the clogged ones can affect the efficiency of your unit. One more common reason may be a refrigerant shortage. When the refrigerant is leaking, the low level of refrigerant is not enough to cool the air down. You can get the refill of your refrigerant anytime by Fix On Click. We offer 24-hour AC repair in Dubai

Water Leaking Inside

AC not only cools down the warm air but also removes moisture from it. Where does the moisture go? It is condensed and then goes down from the drain pipe. Sometimes, the AC starts malfunctioning, and the water starts to leak from the inside unit. It can be really messy for you. One of the reasons for this leaking water can be a clogged drain pipe. Dirt or mold gets stuck in the drain pipe, which blocks the way of water. The water starts to build up and then leaks from the inside unit. You should not ignore this issue and immediately call the serviceman to come and clean your drain pipe. After the debris or dirt is removed, the AC is good to go again.

Weird Noises From The AC

Your AC is not supposed to make noises while working. If you hear some weird noises, it indicates that the unit is having some underlying issue. Fan, compressor, or motor, when making a rattling sound, it means there is some issue in them. You should never take these noises lightly and ignore them. An expert is urgently needed to troubleshoot the problem before it turns into a more significant issue. These appliances need proper care if you want them to last a long time.

Bottom Line

Whenever you notice your AC is not working like it used to, it is better to call the technician and get it checked. These appliances need to be maintained and repaired regularly. Overworked and under-serviced units can’t last you for a long time. If you sense any of these issues with your AC, it is better to address them as soon as possible. A minor problem rectified at the correct time is far better than a completely broken unit.