4 Top Tips to Maintain Your Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most expensive home appliances, running continuously to keep your veggies, fruits, meat, chocolates, dairy goods, water, and other items safe and cold to reduce waste.

However, things can go awry if the power goes off unexpectedly or the refrigerator mechanism fails suddenly. A broken refrigerator can deteriorate all perishable products in a month. However, simple refrigerator maintenance ideas and procedures can help you extend the life of your refrigerator. Let\’s learn what you can do to avoid a sudden breakdown.

Check The Refrigerator\’s Door Seal (Gasket)

When closing the door, the gasket can deteriorate (crack, harden, or warp) and leak cold air even when the door is closed, resulting in higher energy usage. This type of wear and tear can occur over time or due to poor maintenance. Therefore, you should inspect the door\’s gasket regularly.

Keep a coin between the door and the compartment to see if the gasket is correctly sealing the door. Close the door so that half of the coil is inside, but the other half is visible. If the coin easily slips out, the gasket isn\’t sealing properly, and you should contact the best fridge repair service.

Set The Correct Temperature

It is essential to know the importance of fridge temperature control. Many factors determine the appropriate temperature; if you have a number-based temperature system, it should be about 4° C for the refrigerator and below 0° C for the freezer.

You can set the temperature to medium or regular depending on the outside temperature when you have a scale-based system to keep the refrigerator running longer. If the temperature is correctly set, the fridge may operate for a more extended period than usual or may not run long enough to maintain the desired temperature.

Wipe Off the Condenser Coil

The bottom and backside of the refrigerator frequently accumulate dirt, trash, hairs, and pet dander. The condenser coils, the true heart of the fridge, are located there. It enables the refrigerator to discharge heat effectively.

However, if you don\’t care about it, its constant buildup can worsen over time and frequently result in the coils burning, leading to unnecessary repairs.

Even though it\’s the worst situation, if the coils are left dirty, they won\’t release heat as effectively and may damage the refrigerator\’s functionality.

It is advised that the refrigerator be cleaned twice a year to ensure proper operation. Adding a few extra clean-ups throughout the year, on the other hand, would only improve its efficiency.

Use a vacuum to clean the coils or a duster or coil brush to scour them. You can search out the placement of the coils on your fridge\’s model and how to clean it on the internet or in the user manual.

Never Block the Vents Inside the Fridge

There should be enough space between the refrigerator\’s vents and the items. This allows cool air to travel through freely. Any blockage to the vents creates an inefficient environment within the fridge, causing it to work harder to keep items chilled.


If you want to keep using a refrigerator for a more extended period, you must inspect it regularly and perform repairs while the problems are still minor. Unless you have the experience and tools to do complete maintenance and repair, it is preferable to engage a professional.

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