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4 Simple Approaches To Sustain Your Air Conditioner 

As summer arrives, most of us start using air conditioning systems frequently. Its maintenance is mandatory at least once a month because if you don’t maintain your air conditioner, it will cause poor air quality leading to less comfort. Moreover, it will lead to huge expenses if any part stops working due to lack of maintenance. There are numerous electronic appliance service companies that provide home appliance repairing in Dubai to create flexibility and ease for the clients. Because cleaning the air conditioners requires efforts to sustain their quality for an extended duration. 

Here we will explain the 4 simple approaches to retaining your Air Conditioner in a most secure form manually.

Wash The Air Filter Once Each Month

An air filter prevents contaminants like dander, dirt, and sand from entering the rooms of your home. An air filter only works effectively if it is clean and not blocked with too much dust material. Your air conditioner will work harder than required if your air filters are too unclean to function properly, and the quality of the air in your home may suffer.  To preserve your air conditioner is probably to regularly change the air filter. 

Keep The Coil Clean

Air conditioning coils are an essential module of your Air conditioning structure. Air Conditioner coils are the evaporator core located indoors (air Handler units) that absorb heat and humidity from a room. It is where cooling is generated and passed to you. When not kept clean cause to diminish the volume of heat to absorb. And become occupied with dust and dirt. As an outcome, your air conditioning system’s cooling quality slows down and doesn’t cool the room efficiently.

For Air Conditioning sustenance, keep the coils spotless. Keep Clearing the area around the condenser unit, i.e., the outdoor component of any remains, gives you fresh and clean air.

Analyze The Condition Of The Condenser Unit Fan

The Condenser unit fan cools down refrigerant gas. If you feel the fan is not working while AC is on or it is running even if we press the AC off button. You see that its blades move slowly while the fan turns on, or the disturbing noise comes from the fan when turned on. It shows a sign that your condenser unit fan is critically damaged.

Before such an event occurs, keep analyzing the Condenser Unit Fan properly. If found faulty, immediately call a technician to resolve the matter.

Inspect The Fins And Condensate Drains

Each AC contains two fins, i.e., condenser and evaporator fins. Each fin allows a smooth flow in and out of the AC. Keep inspecting the fins to ensure they don’t get bent. Because over time, they got bent and created slow air passes.

Comparatively, condensate drain permits the compression created within the system to drain outdoors. It is an integral part of AC; over time, they get clogged due to obstructing drainage. Keep inspecting the fins to ensure they don’t get bent. Because over time, they got blocked and created a slow draining of water. If found defective, directly call a technician to resolve the matter.


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